High Rate Water Treatment Plant System: Successful Implementation

Research Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany – 2002
Institute of Technology Bandung – Indonesia


The High Rate Water Treatment Plant (HR-WTP) system, which is inexpensive, effective and efficient, has been developed to reduce the common operational problems, and also as an alternative for the development of water treatment plant systems capacity in Indonesia. HR-WTP-system is superior to those of conventional WTP-systems in respect to its capacity, performance, as well as operational liability of the system. Mathematical model of the HR-WTP system had been developed and simulation using the mathematical model as well as field observation had been clarified.

Implementation of HR-WTP-system in up-rating of the Dekeng-WTP system at PDAM Kota Bogor proved successful in increasing the plant capacity from its original of 500 Lps to more than 1200 Lps. Another successful application of HR-WTP-system was experienced in the upgrading and up-rating of the Pedindang-WTP system at PDAM Kota Pangkalpinang where the plant capacity can be increased from its original of 50 Lps to 300 Lps. The performance of the WTP-system was also significantly improved from poor performance to very good performance.

Keywords : conventional system, filtration rate, high rate system, surface loading