Distribution of Water Resources Potential in Jambusari Area, District Cilacap, Central Java Using Geoelectrical Method

Sismanto, Edy Hartantyo, and Mochamad Nukman
University Gadjah Mada, Indonesia


Government of District Cilacap in Central Java plans to develop some new tourism product especially in scientific perception on Jambusari area. This area is potential to be a scientific recreational area in thefuture. Jambusari is located in the border of district Cilacap-Banyumas at Cilacap-Wangon highway. Unfortunately, Jambusari is lack of shallow ground source. For supplying the water to Jambusari for sustainability of tourism, it needs geological information and distribution of water resources in subsurface. This information can be found by geoelectrical sounding survey on the surface. The 10-point measurements of geoelectrical sounding were performed in August 25 to 29, 2007 by McOhm Mark-2 model 2115. The results show that the water resources are located in the depth of (20-30) m for shallow water as a first aquifer that it is not so significant water assets and the second aquifer is (60-80) m in depth. The second aquifer is a potential water resource to be exploited. The water of both aquifers flow to westward as long as the syncline that it has a direction to northwest southeast. The distance of the central syncline is about 700 m from point 7 of geoelectrical measurement.

Keywords : Jambusari Cilacap, geoelectrical, water resources, geology