As one of the biggest and oldest faculties in UII, Civil Engineering and Planning Faculty accommodates many complete facilities to well-support academic and non-academic process of Environmental Engineering Program.

WiFi & Eduroam

To facilitate all of UII civitates in order to connect with internet access, information support system provides high-fast WiFi named Eduroam and UII Connect.

UII Print

To make easy and fast supplying material or fulfill the task, or other purposes, UIIPrint is present to facilitate it. The self-serving is able to print, scan, and copy the documents.

Official Software

Information support system provides original software and its license especially for lecturers, staffs, and students.

Google Apps

UII, no exception for Environmental Engineering Program, possessed global intention that applied online system for studying, evaluating assessment, and office activities. Google Apps is employed to be a part of academic system, such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, and so on.

Dr. H. Mohammad Natsir Building

Environmental Engineering (EE) UII is located in Dr. H. Mohammad Natsir Building, shortly called M. Natsir Building, the main campus of UII. M. Natsir Building is used for three courses, which are Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architecture Engineering in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning.

The faculty is completed by classrooms, offices, student rooms, auditorium, laboratories, mosque, canteen, parking area, toilet, and garden. Every classroom is able to accommodate around 40 to 80 students which supported by chairs-tables, AC (Air Conditioner) or fan, whiteboard, and LCD. The official office of EE UII is in the south-part building at second floor. The total working space of EE’s academic staffs reach to 135 m2.

Official office of Environmental Engineering UII

The working hour of office is opened from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. The office service provides administration between students and lectures. Our staffs friendly welcome to everyone who comes to EE UII.


Laboratory of environmental quality established in 1999 under management of EE UII. As the best Indonesia’s environmental research laboratory, the instrumentation and management system are already complete, advance, and well-managed to assist and help lecturers and students based on their research interest.  Laboratory of environmental quality has already accredited by KAN number LP-476-IDN that referred to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.

Not only Research Laboratory, but also Laboratory of EE UII hands over another function, i.e. Laboratory service that is mean, public can access and analysis their samples in our Lab. Our lab consist of laboratory of water quality, laboratory of air quality, laboratory of environment biotechnology, laboratory of solid and hazardous waste, and laboratory of risk assessment analysis.

Ulil Albab Mosque

When entering Universitas Islam Indonesia through the main gate, everyone is able to see the big and beautiful gold dome of mosque. The mosque consists of 3 floors, which are the first floor for auditorium, second floor for praying place, and the top floor for management office. Islamic discussion and other activities are routine held. Both academia and public are delightful to pray in Ulil Albab.


Environmental Engineering UII collects and keeps many kinds of Environmental text books, scientific works, journals, and related knowledge in the center library of main campus, UII. Indeed, students are free to read and borrow them. Not far from the Dr. H. Mohammad Natsir Building, we only take a walk to reach the library. Or, we can access the online system by Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Furthermore, UII also subscribes online journal, for instance Sciencedirect, ProQuest, Ebsco, Westlaw, Gale and accessed by http://library.uii.ac.id/.

Polifarma Pharmacy

The drugstore is established to facilitate everybody who needs medicine and their components. By cooperating with Pharmacy Program UII, the pharmacy delivers good quality assured of product and management system. The health service and consultation are also provided by qualified and skill-full of doctors there during specific working hour. UII Pharmacy is located in the main campus therefore it is accessible to get it from EE UII.

Sport Center

to improve and stay healthy, all academia of UII can use the sport center for playing basketball, badminton, and others. The capacity of building up to 600 hundreds person. Before using them, please make a reservation by phone 0274 898444 Ext. 1218.