Anja Asmarany R., S.Si., M.Si.

schools S1 : Biologi, Universitas Jember, 2011.
S2 : Mikrobiologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2015.

NIK: 165131302

Academic Experiences
1. Laboratory Assistant of Biology, Universitas Jember

2. Laboratory Assistant of Plant Morphology, Universitas Jember
3. Laboratory Assistant of Anatomy and Plant Development, Universitas Jember
4. Laboratory Assistant of Animal Structure, Universitas Jember
5. Laboratory Assistant of Animal Physiology, Universitas Jember
6. Laboratory Assistant of Animal Taxonomy, Universitas Jember
7. Laboratory Assistant of Microbiology, Universitas Jember
8. Laboratory Assistant of Microbe Physiology, Universitas Jember
9. Laboratory Assistant of Bacteriology, Universitas Jember

Non-Academic Experience
Internship in Microbial Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Microbiology, Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI).


Current Membership in Professional Organizations
Member of Mycological Society of Indonesia

Most Recent Professional Development Activities
1. International Short Course on Environmental Ground Water Pollution, Energy Conversion, and Risk Analysis, 2016

2. Writing and Publishing Scientific Manuscripts in International English Language Journals,Universitas Islam Indonesia,  2016
3. Quality Management Systems Training, ISO 9000: 2000, 2008
4. Workshop of Microbiology Management in Industry and Work Opportunities of Biology Students”, 2008
5. National Workshop “Organic Life In Global Warming Era, Challenges Or Necessity?”, 2009
6. Food Safety Management Systems Training, ISO 22000: 2005 (SNI 19-22000:2008) , 2011
7. Seminar “Temperature Response in Fungal Plant Pathogens”, 2013
8. Seminar of Indonesian Society for Microbiology, 2013